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It appeared to be a typically beautiful wedding with the bride and groom about to make their vows.

But then guests at the wedding, believed to be in the Republic of Ghana, West Africa, were taken aback as another woman - the groom's lover - arrived wearing a white veil, gloves and gown - the same as the bride, Ghana Audiovisual News reported.

A video taken at the wedding shows guests whooping as the cheating groom stands looking sheepish.

His lover can be seen trying to stand close to the pair as a man tries to usher her away from the ceremony.


There is shouting and screaming before the woman grabs a microphone and speaks to the audience in a local dialect, apparently explaining that the groom is a philanderer.

The groom tries to gently usher away his bride from the proceedings.

It is not known if the wedding ceremony proceeded, but Ghana AudioVisua lNews claimed a fight later erupted in the hall.