Warning: Graphic Language

Key Points:

From Bell End in England to Middelfart in Denmark, the world is littered with rude, lewd and innuendo-laden place names likely to leave you scratching your head in disbelief. Names such as Windpassing in Ukraine, Poop in Mexico and Bum Bum Island in Malaysia may sound like amusing suggestions dreamed up by children but they are in fact real places. Destinations including Horneytown in the US, Nervous Knob in New Zealand and Intercourse Island in Australia may have had innocuous names to begin with but as language has evolved have taken on more risqué meanings. While others, such as Bendova in the Czech Republic and Arcelik Sokak in Turkey, only seem shocking to an English-speaking audience. Bemused tourists flock to comical towns such as Climax in Georgia, US, Lovely Bottom in Tasmania, Australia, and Shitterton in Dorset, UK. But if all these rude names have left you queasy perhaps you're destined instead to visit Puke in Tonga? Read on to see snapshots of the new Magnificently Rude Map of World Place Names launched by mapmakers Strumpshaw, Tincleton & Giggleswick to celebrate some of the world's most scandalous place names.