Nothing delivers an eye-popping red carpet like an American music award show.

The Grammys never fail to disappoint and neither did this week's American Music Awards.

Some stars kept with the "if there's a gust of wind you might see my jocks" trend, sporting precarious hip-high split dresses.

Gigi Hadid, who is co-hosting the ceremony with comedian Jay Pharoah, courted crotch danger in a different way, donning a white off-the-shoulder Cavalli dress that required some deft under-panting.


The gown had a see-through panel at an unfortunate height, meaning fans could catch a glimpse of her nude granny-pants every now and then.

She also showed how a professional works the paparazzi ... don't even think about cracking a smile. You have to look like you're there under sufferance and you'd rather be home watching Westworld.

Later in the evening Gigi Hadid changed in to a red number for the awards ceremony that resembled the eye-popping red dress her sister Bella made famous in Cannes.