It is one of the most important questions you will ever ask, but what happens if the love of your life rejects your proposal?

A new thread on Reddit has revealed what men did when they got down on one knee to their girlfriend and she said no.

User Shamsterwheel asked: "People of Reddit who have been denied when they proposed, why did it happen and what was the end result?"

It wasn't long before wannabe Romeos came forward with their stories of not so happily ever afters.


Retelling a the story of another couple VenBede recalled a very public rejection they witnessed.

They said: "I was walking through a park when a guy stopped me, handed me his phone and asked if I'd take a picture of him and his girlfriend.

"I ask where he wants to stand and what he wants in the picture. He ignores me and locks eyes with his girlfriend and reaches into his pocket as he drops to a knee. So I put it in video mode and record the whole thing.

"He makes his proposal. She starts crying. Then she blurts out 'I f***** Lenny!' Dude's face just twists into rage as they then begin to fight over this latest admission that she apparently slept with a friend of his and chose this moment to come clean. I just recorded most of it before setting the phone on a bench and leaving."

User prohaska revealed: "I proposed after 3ish years of dating and one year of living together and she said no. I was offering her my great-grandparents wedding ring. That was Friday night.

"By Sunday night, after a trip to her parents, she came back and told me that she was gay. This is a bullet we both dodged."

Doublej03 admitted that he was pleased with the end result. He said: "She said no, I got a dog and a case of beer and lived happily ever after."

In another brutal confession HeavyRemorses said: "she said no and then confessed that she had been sleeping with my brother it ruined the trip a bit tbh".

Perhaps the most heartbreaking admission came from a user named MaintenanceGuy.

He said: "After a Christmas vacation we were home and I asked her about marriage. 'I don't want to marry you. I never wanted to marry you. I never will marry you.' followed by a thirty minute speech about missing her single life.

"I died a little inside, honestly. Tried to make it work but I realize now I stopped trying after that. Eight months later she moves out.

"Three months after that she is begging me to take her back, she wants to get married, she wants to own a house. And I'm just too hurt to believe her. Therapy is helping. But a five year relationship died that day."