She has documented her phenomenal weight loss via social media.

Yet Khloe Kardashian's continued fitness journey appears to be sparking concerns among her 58.5million Instagram followers as her latest selfie caused an influx of worried comments due to her super slimline shape.

The 32-year-old reality starlet shared a mirror selfie in which she flaunted her sucked in waist, diminished with the help of a waist trainer, leading to fans deeming the image "disturbing" although others lauded her slender physique.

Khloe can be seen in the shot taking a break from filming Keeping Up With The Kardashians, seizing a moment to promote her favoured waist trainer, which she frequently promotes on social media.


As she sat to the side, she held one hand aloft, while kneeling on the floor and snapping a shot in the mirror, pulling her very best pout in the process.

Some of her followers have called her new look
Some of her followers have called her new look "disturbing". Photo / Instagram

While the youngest sister of the Kardashian dynasty has improved her physique and lives a more healthy lifestyle, some of her followers maintain she has gone too far with her weight loss.

A number of users on the photosharing site: "Khloe, that's enough... it's already snatched....anymore and it'll be your ribs... U use to look so healthy n thick...what happened???

"Disturbing... You look really sick please go to a Doctor... I'm hoping young girls are not doing the same stupidity that you're doing...

"Please don't change. We think you are the cutest one of all your sibs. Each part of your body doesn't need to be at its extreme... Head too big with the skinny body... You look pathetic...

"I miss her old body and face. She use to be the prettiest one. Smh :(... Too skinny for me now. Loved u more when u had more meat on your bones.(sic)"

Aside from her general slimline appearance, the concern also sprung from her use of a waist trainer, as many called on the advice of medical professionals in warning against the use of the "organ crushing" device.

Concerned users wrote: "These are so bad for your body ugh... why do this, it's so bad for you... Well according to Dr. Oz they r not good for ur health???

"I think your smashing your organs... That waist thing keeps making your butt bigger also killing your organs, miss the real Klohe she was so cool and fun. Take care of yourself...

"GO GIRL! SQUEEZE UR INSIDE TOGETHERE! U GET SKINNY WITH THE SIDE EFFECTS OF DEATH... Waist trainers do so much damage to your body. Your organs will start to move. It's not healthy at all. Dr. Oz did a segment on waist trainers.

"Yes your figure looks amazing, but the long-term affects aren't so amazing. Still love you though!!! Always be amazing favorite of mine... Seriously dangerous for us woman to wear although I love the look

"Yr beautiful with out this Hun , it's crushing your internal organs and will do damage in the long run , yr blessed with yr looks u definitely don't need this... (sic)"

Despite concern and worry from a bevvy of followers, the TV favourite naturally enjoyed an influx of positive comments from fans who mark her as an inspiration.

Adoring users wrote: "You look so skinny Khloe good on you... U work so hard koko. You are my inspiration... Shes getting so thin lol but she looks so good... Damn girl I love that body...

"You are giving me life !!!! @khloekardashian... You always look fabulous... You look good girl... You are everything. So Beautiful".

"Kloe we love you!... you are beautiful... i love you... Go girl do you! You looked great before and you look great now. Naturally beautiful inside and out... Very very cute girl... you are my favorite one... love u... You look sooo beautiful..."

Last year Khloe spoke of her amazing transformation, saying: "When I'm in L.A I go hard [in the gym] and I've lost about 35 pounds...

"I don't really weigh myself but over time - and I'm not crazy about it - but I know how I want to feel in clothes and it does become addicting and once you see results you want to see more."