Brian Turner may have found the secret to curing acne for good.

The 23-year-old American bodybuilder was once covered in angry-looking cysts before he ditched dairy, drank a gallon of water and 12 servings of vegetables a day.

These three steps alone greatly improved his complexion, but Turner said there's more you can do to banish the blemishes.

In a recent YouTube video he revealed the 'easy, medium and hard' steps you can take to eliminate acne, starting with changing your bed sheets every night.


"Change your pillow sheets, if you have body acne change your bed sheets every single night," he said.

He also suggested trying a simple face cleanser that is nice to your skin, and if you're using a product with benzoyl peroxide, never go stronger than 2.5 per cent strength.

"Any heavier than that is going to irritate your skin that is going to cause you to break out more," he said.

Other simple tips included never touching your face, and using a process of elimination to cut out certain foods.

Foods to avoid include "sodium, fats, artificial sweeteners, preservatives, soy, gluten, cocoa and whey".

He said by cutting out one at a time you can determine what ones might be exacerbating the problem.

On his "medium" list of tips he suggested increasing your water intake to 3.7 litres, or one gallon, of water a day and cutting out other drinks such as juice or soft drink.

Another tip was to shower immediately after your sweat.

"Even if you don't sweat a tonne you get that little bit of film of sweat on your face and then you just let it dry you're just asking your body to clog pores," he said.

Other tips included taking a probiotic, increasing your vegetable intake to 12 servings a day and eliminating dairy from your diet.

If you find after taking these steps you're still having problems with your skin, it's time to take on the "hard" list.

Turner suggests to stop drinking alcohol or smoking, as both can lead to break outs and bad diet choices.

Eating more wholefoods, and cutting out packaged foods, will also make a difference, as will increasing the time you sleep to seven or eight hours a night.

"When you don't sleep enough a lot of things happen, but one of the biggest things is your cortisone hormone increases, it's the stress hormone," he said.

"And because of you being more stressed, it makes it a lot more easier for your body to break out."

He said it all else fails, see a dermatologist.

In the past Turner had taken Accutane for 70 weeks, a heavy duty anti-acne drug, but his skin problem returned once he weaned off it.

He suggested the drug as a last resort, as it can have unwanted side effects.