"B**bies" instead of blueberries and "c**k porn" instead of popcorn.

These are just two examples of the "adorable" ways children unwittingly mix up their words shared by parents on Mumsnet.

One mother told how her daughter's habit of calling blueberries "boobies" led to an embarrassing encounter in the supermarket, while a reception teacher had to compose herself in the stationary cupboard after a pupil informed her class that an octopus has eight "testicles".

Many parents said they continued to use their children's "adorable" alternative names long after their little ones learned to say the words correctly.


Mumsnet user Trufflethewuffle said the Cobbaton Combat Museum was still known as the Cobbaton "Condom" Museum in her house, thanks to the way her niece pronounced it as a little girl.

Another said she preferred her daughter's word for butterflies: "dapplebyes".

Mumsnet user Magicducky kicked off the discussion after she sang the Karl Douglas track Kung Fu Fighting to her daughter.

She "copied me but changed the 'g' to a 't'. I shouldn't laugh..." she posted.

Other moments of unintentional comedy from little ones learning to talk included referring to prawn crackers as "porn crappers".