From the streets to the red carpet, here are the most notable celebrity looks of the week, featuring celebrity party dresses, lots of sparkle and Katy Perry looking like a leopard.


Amy Adams

The actress looked radiant at the premiere of her new film in a blue gown that looked like loosely sewn together gems. The neckline is a little risky, being off-centred, but she can pull this off - especially with those to die for earrings.


To celebrate her 20th birthday Lorde donned a simple tube dress with an almost 80s-like splash of taffeta. Plus, look at that bag her body guard is carrying, it's a technicolour dream.

Taylor Swift

Having arranged Lorde's birthday dinner, Taylor took a back seat with styling her outfit. We love the simple look with her signature red lips and the cutesy leopard print coat shows her legs for days.


Kendall Jenner

The other birthday girl, Kendall Jenner, went all out for her party in a sparkly, barely there number, which looks very familiar to Paris Hilton's 21st dress back in 2002. She paired the look with a mirror clutch and pale fur stole and although it would usually be too much - we say go all out on your birthday!


Kylie Jenner

At her sister's party Kylie Jenner looked tacky in scraggly hair extensions, a see through mesh-top and lace-out leather pants. Her shoes didn't work with the outfit either, but that was the least of her fashion crimes.

Katy Perry

Looking like an evil cat, Katy Perry left a talk show in this leopard print coat and big, black leather boots. It's unnerving that we can't see her arms and even though she's in a cape, her new bangs are not working wonders.

Lady Gaga

The singer helped rally Clinton supporters at a recent event but courted controversy for her jacket, which some said looked like a Nazi coat. The look is all just a bit off, with a hat that does not match the sparkly booties or big padded jacket.