If you thought things were getting chaotic at the US election polls, brace yourself before heading to Toblerone's Facebook page.

Makers of the popular triangular treat created outrage among fans in what we're sure they were hoping would go under the radar as a small, insignificant change.

But size matters.

The makers of Toblerone Swiss chocolate have decided to quietly cut the size of the chocolate bar by widening the spaces in some of its triangle-array bars.


The change shaves off about 10 per cent of the product, but the price will stay the same.

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Toblerone-lovers worldwide are outraged, and have hardly been satisfied by assurances from manufacturer Mondelez International that it won't affect all its products, mainly just those sold in Britain.

The change has led to a widespread social media revolt, and fans have flooded the brand's Facebook pages with complaints, and of course expressing their distaste through a healthy range of memes.

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