If you live in a shared house or an apartment building, it's quite likely you hear your neighbours moving around from time to time.

Sometimes though, they can be just a bit too noisy - a habit that can drive people to post a passive aggressive note, post-it, or printed sign to express their frustration.

These are some of the most hilarious - and occasionally threatening - neighbour notes shared on the internet, compiled by The Poke, a UK humour website.

They might just put you off making any noise from now on.


From car sound systems and not picking up dog pooh to stealing plants, there are lots of angry neighbours out there... and they're not afraid to tell you how they feel.

It might make where you're living far more awkward, but they have provided the internet with a lot of laughs.

What's worse than throwing it into someone else's bin? Not throwing it away at all.

Extreme: This sleep deprived angry neighbour went to great lengths to make his point.

Not so gentle warning: Dog owners who don't follow the rules will be publicly shamed.

Guilt trip: Pinching garden plants is 'low and selfish', according to this fed up neighbour.

Am I making myself clear? This cat owner needed three separate notes to make his point.

Let it all out: Disgruntled neighbours are using pointed notes to air their frustrations.

FYI: Posting a hand-written sign in your window is one way to avoid an awkward conversation.

The residents of this building have been indulging in some very anti-social behaviour.

Passive aggressive: Let's hope the sound system's owner was able to read between the lines.

"She's faking it": Noisy sex seems to feature highly on the list of irate neighbours' bugbears.

'Concern': What the people responsible for this racket were actually doing is anyone's guess.

Too soon: The author of this note does not wish it could be Christmas every day.

Weeknight noise: Being loud late at night is guaranteed to annoy your neighbours.

Prior warning: It's doubtful that this noisy gamer's notice did much to placate his neighbours.