If you're a single man looking for love, you might want to read on.

Women have taken to an anonymous forum to share the things that men do that turns them off - and there's plenty of advice to heed.

From catcalling to putting down other females, women certainly haven't held back their opinions in the candid thread.

User Custergrant took to Reddit to ask: "What is something that guys may consider nice but is actually creepy to you?".


Within two days, there have been more than 10,500 replies to Custergrant's question and the list is only getting longer.

It seems there are lots of things women dislike men doing and they have finally been given an outlet to share them and discuss their pet peeves.

Women took to the forum to complain that men hit on them at work when they are trying to serve customers.

Greenmachine09 wrote that she doesn't like it when men come into her work place "and act like they are the only customer that exists and they just.keep.talking."

Another Redditor agreed, saying she doesn't like it when men show up at her place of work "staring at me, trying to make small talk while I'm trying to work", and "asking about me when I'm not there trying to figure out my schedule."

Equally, women said that "surprise" visits are creepy when you tell a man you can't meet with them.

Other women dislike it when they try to go out for a run and men driving past either honk the car horn or stop the vehicle to talk to them.

Men, take note, arrogance also seems to be a big turn-off. A Redditor took to the forum to say she doesn't know any girls that actually like it when a man says 'I was/could be with all these other girls but I couldn't stop thinking about you.'


Others said that they didn't like it when men ask them why they're not smiling.

One female wrote: "Maybe I'm fine and relaxed and enjoying myself and just don't feel like smiling.

"Maybe it's none of your goddamn business either way."

Bombarding women with multiple messages is another annoyance.

Somebody said that they found it creepy when men will message saying "hey," "hi", "hey", "whats up", "you're beautiful", "hello", "what's up" for months 'when you haven't replied to him a single time ever.'

A big tip from women to men is to never put down a fellow female in an attempt to win them over.

Annielovesbacon says: "Like 'oh you're so much prettier than x' or 'You're not like other girls, you're actually funny/cool/chill/whatever.'

"Hello. Women are people. We aren't made to be compared to one another just to see how we stack up in your liking."

Other women also took to Reddit to share their stories and explain what men do that they find "creepy".

One woman said she was walking down the street towards her car when a man from the other direction started honking his horn and yelling at her.

After he passed by, she saw him turn the car around so that he could pass her again.

She quickly reached her car before he saw her and she "hunkered down so you couldn't see me through the windows. The effort some women have to go through to avoid this stuff is unacceptable."

A few women were in agreement about men and their comments on makeup.

Both Laganjadelrey and Fauxdite said they don't like it when men talk about how much makeup women are wearing.

Laganjadelrey says: "A lot of guys are convinced that telling a girl that she doesn't need 'all that makeup' is one of the nicest things you can say to a girl.

"'Believe me - I know I probably look more conventionally attractive without bright purple eyeshadow but I don't really care because it's so fun to put on!"

Agreeing, Fauxdite said a man she dated told her he doesn't like girls that wear a lot of makeup and that she looked great because she wasn't wearing any.

She then awkwardly pointed out the 20 or so products that she was wearing on her face.