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A male escort has lifted the lid on what a day at work is really like - and his revelations have left the internet astounded.

The 29-year-old male escort, who goes by the username AussieMaleEscort, took to Reddit to invite people to ask him anything they wanted about his job.

In a post, he wrote: "I'm the number one male escort in the world AMA (ask me anything)!"

There have been over 100 comments from people and he offers honest - and rather detailed - responses to questions.


The Australian native, who now lives in London, describes himself on his website as being brown-haired and blue-eyed. He is bisexual, 6'4" and has a toned and athletic body, according to his self-description.

When akashsphs asked: "To where do you escort them?", AussieMaleEscort replied: "escort" is a euphemism for prostitute.

"I sometimes go out to dinner with clients, to shows, casinos, even on their private yachts, private jets, to resorts etc but usually they just come to my apartment or I go to their house or hotel."

He explains that he became an escort around 10 years ago and felt more exploited when he had an office job where he worked for a big corporation.

Prostitution is legal in the UK, where he lives, but it is still illegal in the vast majority of the United States.

This, he says, makes it difficult for sex workers there to seek the help of law enforcement when they are victims of crimes like rape, robbery and assault.

It is, he says, "more difficult to advertise as an independent and to operate from ones own premises so it puts more money and control into the hands of pimps, brothels etc."

"My clients are nearly all men and I'm more towards the straight end of the bi spectrum so I prefer women and TS (transexuals) for fun."


When asked if he is still able to have sex for his own personal enjoyment, he explained that he does.

He wrote: "It's not that I dislike sex with my male clients, I do enjoy it but sex with men is only a small part of my sexuality and if I only had sex with my male clients and never with women or TS, I'd be unsatisfied."

"If I ever started to lose interest in sex for fun outside of bookings with clients, I'd take a long break or possibly quit altogether."

A Reddit user asked the escort whether he enjoys what he does and how much he charges per client. He admitted that he loves his unconventional job.

Regarding prices, he says: "£150 for incalls and £200 for outcalls per hour ($257 and $342 NZD).

"It varies a bit depending on which country I'm touring. I charge double those rates in Dubai."

He admits that some clients do "fall in love" with him and that it makes things quite awkward. He revealed that they often say: "I love you" and he has to come up with a response that isn't 'I love you too' but doesn't hurt their feelings.

The best he can do, he says, is: "Aww that's really sweet. I love spending time with you."

He said he has lost lots of his regular clients because they couldn't handle having feelings for him and knowing they wouldn't be reciprocated.

Due to his profession, he has been unable to tell his family what he does "because they'd worry."

He explained: "There's nothing to worry about but to have any chance of conveying this I'd need to tell them a lot of detail about what I do and they're better off without that kind of info."

When asked if there was anything he refused to do, AussieMaleEscort admitted: "I don't kiss, r**, b******k, use drugs, do duos with male escorts or do anything as a sub.

"I've outright refused to see people for being pushy about any of the above, if they're drunk or high and a few times when they've arrived at my place dirty and smelly and refused to shower."

Sharing some of the best perks of his job, he said he has "met lots of interesting people, had some experiences, travelled a lot and made lots of money."

He concluded: "Best of all - all my work as an escort has translated directly into cash in my hand.

"Nobody else has profited from my work."