Optical illusions are all the rage, from those that test your powers of observation to others that reveal how fast your brain works.

But some clever drawings contain tricks that can indicate your type of personality.

Now a deceptively simple illustration that is sweeping the web as viewers test what it says about them. So what do you see when you look at it?

Analysis by Playbuzz user TeacherQuizzes explains the personality features associated with the image.


If your first reaction to the picture is to think it's the back of a young girl's head, you are "optimistic and beaming with positive energy".

This is also associated with being curious and passionate about trying new things, as well as being generous.

However, seeing the girl's head isn't all positive, as it also implies impetuousness.

The quiz says: "You have a tendency to take action based on impulsive decisions."

It also advises asking for help from others: "You will develop and grow into a better person with the multiple feedback, advice and support from people around you."


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Those who see the man's face with the moustache also have many positive qualities.

They are described as "calm, honest, and faithful" and that they are a "very trustworthy, reliable, and dependable person".

They are goal-orientated and unlike the other personality type, don't tend to make impulsive decisions.

Playbuzz says: "Once you set a goal, you plan the steps thoroughly and carefully, and slowly achieve them one by one. This gift keeps you away from making impulsive decisions."

However this quality can be a double edged sword as it can invoke perfectionism. The quiz says: "From time to time, let go of things and loosen up! The sweet freedom will help you relax and heal your mind and body."


1. You are optimistic and curious.

2. You can be impetuous and often act based on impulsive decisions.

3. You enjoy helping others and enjoy volunteer work.

4. You are strong and resolute and don't give up.

5. You will become a better person if you listen to feedback and share problems with those around you.


1. You are calm, honest, and faithful. You are seen as trustworthy and a reliable person.

2. You are a natural leader who can take initiative to lead a group through the right path.

3. You carefully follow steps to reach your goal. This prevents you from making impulsive decisions.

4. You can be a perfectionist which can be a source of stress.