Possum patties for pooches were on offer in Remuera yesterday, all in the name of protecting our native bird.

The Great Dog Morning Tea was held from 10am at Waiatarua Reserve in the East Auckland suburb, hosted by Kiwis for kiwi, a charity supporting community-led conservation projects.

October is Save Kiwi Month and the morning tea was a way to educate dog owners about keeping the flightless bird safe from wandering pups.

Dogs were treated to a delicious morning tea of Jimbo's fresh possum patties and asked to 'paw print' a PETition to pledge their commitment to keep kiwi safe.


Kiwis for kiwi's executive director, Michelle Impey said even seemingly gentle dogs could be dangerous for kiwi.

"Dogs are the number one threat to adult kiwi. Any dog, any size or breed can kill a kiwi and the scent of kiwi is very attractive to dogs.

"One roaming dog can decimate a kiwi population so we want to encourage dog owners to keep kiwi safe from their dogs and the best way to do that is make sure your dog never meets a kiwi.

If kiwi lived near any holiday spots, dog owners should keep their pet on a leash while in the area, Impey said.

Kiwi's sternum muscles were not very strong muscles and the species is highly susceptible to crush injuries.

Dog owners had the chance to win a year's worth of Jimbo's premium dog food along with lots of spot prizes.