There are many misconceptions about arranged marriages, which are often regarded as little more than just business deals.

Now couples have offered a rare glimpse into their arranged matches, posting searingly honest accounts on secrets' sharing app Whisper.

Their tales ranged from ones of despair, as one man revealed he hated his wife and had affairs, to stories of hope - with a dater gushing that they were "so in love" with their fiance.

One desolate man revealed he and his wife resorted to affairs with other people.


He said: "I had an arranged marriage. Me and my wife hate each other. We agreed to have affairs and be with our significant others while we married."

He added bitterly: "We can't separate because of f******* tradition".

In the same vein of extra-marital affairs, one woman confessed: "I absolutely hate my arranged marriage.

"I was forced into it and my husband is in a relationship with his colleague but I don't know what to do."

Another dater, who seemed at a loss, asked: "I have an arranged marriage, my parents will disown me if I don't marry her, but I don't want to marry her. What am I to do?"

One woman made this heart-wrenching admission: "I'm a victim of arranged marriage and my husband hates me... I feel so lonely and desperate."

And revealing the cultural disparity between some different families, one woman revealed:

"My parents are setting up an arranged marriage for me into a religious Muslim family.


"I'm scared as to what my potential husband will think about my tattoos and my American lifestyle."

But it wasn't all negative admissions on the app, as some users revealed that they were in love with their partners, and were even "excited and nervous" to meet their suitors.

One user reasoned: "While I understand a lot of people want to choose their own love and future, I'm perfectly fine with my arranged marriage that's coming up. My fiance is an amazing man."

Another added: 'I'm excited and nervous, my mom is looking for a suitor for me. I can't wait until she finds one!

"I'm not saying everyone needs an arranged marriage, but I don't find the harm in one."

One woman offered a level-headed outlook on romance, admitting that she wasn't in love with her husband of two years, but conceding that she had a "profound respect" for him.

"I've been in my arranged marriage for two years now. I don't love him in the romantic way, but we are good friends and I have a profound respect for him.

"I just hope that we do eventually find the love we were promised."