From foodie events to diet tips and Friday night drinks, here are the best bites of food news this week.

Friday night drinks

• Ponsonby sippers

While reviewing MooChowChow, Jessie Mulligan eyes the drink list and finds it's as thirst quenching as it was when it opened five years ago. For old time's sake.

The brunch bunch

• Amano amore


The hotly anticipated new restaurant in Britomart, Amano, has its own mini-market and bakery, serving up rustic Italian fare perfect for a weekend brunch date. Viva finds out more from the chefs.

Healthy bites

• How long does it take to burn off your favourite drink?

Gin & tonic or mojito? If you are watching your weight, it helps to know how many calories are in your drinks as well as your food. Here's a breakdown of the best and worst drinks for weight loss, and how much exercise is needed to burn them off. The results may surprise you.

• How safe is a juice cleanse?

The dangers of a juice cleanse have divided nutritionists, personal trainers and wellness experts for years. One reporter decides to find an answer to the debate once and for all, while on a 5 day juice cleanse.

• 10 diet tips backed by science

With diet trends changing daily it's time to find out what really works for weight loss.

Weekend eats

• In time for Diwali

Celebrate Diwali in Auckland this weekend. Check out Viva's recommendations for the best Indian restaurants.

• Dessert date night

Set to be a popular date spot, patisserie and dessert bar, Miann, has opened its second boutique eatery in Britomart, next to the new Chanel store.

• Sabato food market

Sabato is opening its doors with a free market this Sunday. Gourmet food trucks, meet and greets with cheese makers and goat petting have been promised.

Where: Sabato, 57 Normanby Road, Mt Eden, Auckland
When: Sunday 16 October, 10-2.

Book ahead

• BePure Live Well

The BePure Live Well Festival is all about healthy lifestyles and happiness, with an array of exhibitors and taste testers to help you make positive changes to your pantry.

Where: The Cloud, Queens Wharf, Auckland CBD.
When: Saturday 15 - Sunday 16 October, 10-6.

• Colossal Wine Tasting

Glengarry are hosting Italian wine tastings this weekend. If the name is anything to go by, there will be plenty of wine to try.

Where: Glengarry Victoria Park, Cnr Sale and Wellesley St, CBD, Auckland
When: Friday 14 October at 4.30pm, Saturday 15 October at 12.30

Make it this weekend

• Back to school

Forget processed, packaged foods and try some sustaining solutions for the lunchbox this term. For loads of school lunch box ideas, check out this recipe collection on
• Beetroot burgers

Add some colour to burger night with a beetroot and feta burger as featured by Viva. A twist on the traditional, they'll go with all your favourite toppings.

• Home-made kimchi

Get creative with kimchi this week. The traditional Korean dish of fermented vegetables is hitting the menus of top restaurants so it's time to try your own.