You might like to think you're a stickler for correct pronunciation, but there's a few tricky words that continue to flummox the best of us.

Now a quiz from Playbuzz sets the record straight once and for all by testing your knowledge of commonly mispronounced words - and setting you on the right track.

From foodstuffs such as Quinoa and sorbet to Dengue Fever, you won't be left red-faced again after scrolling down to take the test.

One tricky question involves pronouncing the word niche - is it correct to say nishee, nishay, neesh or nitch?


The "ch" in niche is an "s" sound while the "e" is silent, meaning it sounds like "neesh".

Another often abused word is the strong Italian coffee you might drink when you're in need of a pick me up. It it Esprexo, Asspresso, Expresso or Espresso?

Many people make the mistake of adding an "X" sound, but it's pronounced exactly as it's spelled - Espresso.

The middle class staple quinoa might leave you grappling over kween-noah, kween-wah, keen-noah or keen-wah, but the latter is correct.

And you might end up confused about genre being zhon-ruh, jon-ray, jonner or zhon-ray - the first being correct.

Meanwhile, raspberry has a silent "p" and the "s' is pronounced as a "z".

So can you get them all?