L&P may be a Kiwi classic, but I'd be surprised if the new Chilli & Lime edition lives up to the original's cult status.

When I first cracked open the bottle my tongue struggled to detect even a hint of a kick and half an hour later I still can't taste the supposed chilli.

I'm not saying it's bad. It's actually quite refreshing.

I'm just disappointed my tastebuds didn't tingle the way the picture of the firetruck-red chillis on the bottle implied they would.


The taste is similar to regular L&P, but with a touch of lime. I'm glad it delivered on one of the ingredients emblazoned on the label in a font-style reminiscent of Microsoft Word 98's Jokerman.

The soft drink is also bit watery.

I definitely prefer L&P's chocolate collaboration with Whittakers, which I am possibly addicted to. I think it's the popping candy inside.

So the verdict for the L&P chilli and lime flavour: While I don't hate it, I don't rate it either.