Ugg boots or 'Uggies' have been an Aussie icon for over 30 years. The sheepskin boot with the trusty synthetic sole makes it the perfect shoe for slouching around the house in or making that quick dash to supermarket.

Being such an iconic shoe, you wouldn't think anyone would mess with it. Well, brace yourselves.

Popular American sandal brand Teva have teamed up with Ugg to create "something that is familiar, yet remarkably different," the Teva x Ugg Hybrid.

Yep, the Ugg Sandal is a scandal.


Here's how Teva describes it - "A neoprene upper with plush sheepskin lining is both sporty and luxurious, and gore straps on the shaft make for an easy on/off transition".

Personally, I can't think of any sport this shoe/boot/sandal would be suitable for. Maybe lawn bowls.

But it could be the most appropriate shoe for this time of year. It's beginning to get too hot to wear the full boot but it's not quite warm enough to whip out the jandals yet. So I can see this becoming the perfect spring boot - for practicality reasons only, of course.

So if you've got a spare $300 and you're passionate about fashion then this is the perfect shoe for you! No, really.

The broken-foot-cast-look is finally in, people.