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The Kardashian clan is known for its overtly suggestive wardrobe choices - that's a given - but lingerie disguised as a going out outfit? I mean, how much further can Kim Kardashian go apart from wearing nothing?

This time Mrs West has certainly divided and shocked her social media fans.

After her husband, Kanye West finished a gig in Miami, Kim K continued her reign of risqué fashion choices looking like she had forgotten to actually get dressed. But hey, this isn't exactly a new vibe or trend for KK-W.

Kim steps out in Miami wearing a revealing outfit. Photo / Getty
Kim steps out in Miami wearing a revealing outfit. Photo / Getty

Dressing like they have just finished a Vegas show (hello Cher!) is not new to many celebrities: over the last few years we have seen more sheer panels, cut outs, skin that is usually covered, plunging necklines and thigh splits than ever before.


But boy, this latest from Kim is whole nine yards. The full enchilada. Lunging toward the full monty. It is just about every entire fashion "trend" rolled into one figure hugging fashion ball.

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But do people actually like it? Judging by the comments on the reality star's Instagram account, opinions are totally divided. It is totally loved or unbelievably loathed.

Before we break down the outfit, let's get one thing straight. Kim wears clothes for the attention she garners. So when anyone has an "opinion" about what she wears it is not "wardrobe" or "body" shaming. Far, far from it.

A 35-year-old woman who has lived a large chunk of her adult life in the public eye - at her choosing - dressed in scintillating clothes that have become her calling card, wears this stuff TO be talked about. She wears them to stay relevant in the eyes of her fans and in the media.

Kardashian has taken the sheer stakes to extraordinary levels. Photo / Getty
Kardashian has taken the sheer stakes to extraordinary levels. Photo / Getty

We all have an opinion about the Kardashians. And that opinion will see some agreeing about their choices - men, clothes, hair, whatever - and others will not.

But the thing that does concern me is that the young girls who look up to these reality stars as some kinds of role models may think that dressing like this is a 24/7 thing. That it is par for the "get-famous" course.

Is it saying that to look cool and fabulous you have to do look as though you've gone out in your latest Victoria's Secret underwear?


Kim's outfit would be far from a chic and cheerful underwear set she bought from Bras 'n Things, but it is still mighty spicy and to be honest (and no matter who was wearing it) I just actually don't think it is particularly flattering. Period.

The sheer little body stocking (I think I'd be a tad generous calling it a dress) has an undergarment that is quite simply, an extraordinarily highcut body shirt with a thong (aka G-string) back.

Kim's "break the internet" derrière is on full sheer show while her breasts get an ample airing too.

Some of the words and comments used all over social media have gone from "poor role model", "she looks so common", "vulgar", "cheap", "embarrassing" and "opportunistic" to "mind-blowing", "wowwwww", "I need this dress", "beautiful Kim" and "nice".

On that more positive latter note, Australian model Jesinta Campbell has taken to the Instagram account of magazine boss Jackie Frank saying that we should "lift women up instead of tearing them down" citing the word "slutty" should not be used when commenting on a person's dress choice.