After waiting 11 years to marry her groom, a flat tire wasn't going to stop a New Hampshire bride from walking down the aisle on her special day.

Angelique Arsenault was on her way to the wedding venue in Milford when disaster struck and the limousine pulled over in Brookline with seven miles left to go.

Arsenault took it in stride, laughing about the untimely flat tire before sticking out her thumb and climbing into a kind stranger's car.

Arsenault was ready to meet her groom Jarod Dunning, who was already waiting at the Mile Away restaurant.


But the Mile Away was actually seven miles away when the limousine driver pulled over just five minutes after Arsenault, along with her family and bridesmaids, left her home.

Maid of honor Katie Queen told CBS she didn't think anything of the stop until the driver rolled down the partition window and announced the bad news.

But Arsenault and her loved ones had already popped open champagne bottles, and the bride simply laughed at her luck.

She stuck out her thumb, even though several passerby gawked and took photos of the bridal party before speeding off.

But her knight in shining armor came in the form of a man named Jay, who had a car full of children.

Determined to help, he dropped them off first, before returning to Arsenault and giving her a lift to the altar.

Dunning, who had been patiently waiting for half an hour before Arsenault arrived, admitted the thought that she might have stood him up crossed his mind.

Despite the hitch in plans, Arsenault and Dunning tied the knot in an 'amazing' ceremony.

Looking back on the incident on her honeymoon, she said: 'It pretty much made the whole day. Everyone was laughing all night about it. It's going to be a story we'll remember forever.'