She has been inundated with hundreds of suitors lining up for a date since her online ad for a man exploded, but Marcella Bakker is taking her time to trawl through the applications.

From a topdressing pilot in Southland to farmers from overseas, the single men keen on courting Bakker has no end in sight.

The 24-year-old Waikato dairy farmer bypassed Tinder and went straight to NZ Farming's Facebook page this week, posting a jaw-dropping photo and advertising for love.

Dear NZ Farming, I understand that you put up profiles of single NZ farmers looking for someone, I have had such...

Posted by NZ Farming on Monday, 5 September 2016

"I have had such difficulty finding someone because they take it as a joke that I'm single and looking for a nice farming guy," she said in the post.


"I'm easy going, honest and down to earth and genuinely is looking for love. I want a kind man with his own ambitions in life, that has respect for himself and women."

NZ Farming publicity officer Duncan Humm said the response had been incredible.

Humm said his inbox was "chokka" and applications only slowed to a steady trickle yesterday.

"We've stopped counting them to be honest. It's easily hundreds. It went berserk not long after it loaded up and hasn't slowed down all week until now."

The eligible bachelors range in age from 18 to in their 40s and hail from as far afield as Asia and even Scotland, as well as all over New Zealand.

Humm said NZ Farming was "filtering" the emails to sift out any "time-wasters" but he was impressed with about 20 per cent of the entrants who had been creative and "thought outside the box" in presenting themselves.

"You'll get the odd guy who gives a bit of his life story or something he's done. We've even had one from a lonely top-dressing pilot from Southland, [who] tried to drop the pilot angle in there."

He said overall it was a "good range of options" for Bakker.


Fortunately there had been no nude entries, Humm said, and no-one appeared to be negative.

"They all seem pretty genuine. I just think there's a whole heap of guys out there in the same position as her where it's a bit hard to find that right person."

Yesterday Bakker, who did not return Herald on Sunday calls, told Humm she was overwhelmed at the response and asked him to stop forwarding the emails for now while she tried to get to grips with the hundreds already received.

Humm said it didn't appear Bakker had lined up any dates yet.

"I think she is still in a state of shock by it all. She'll probably try to catch her breath first."