An adorable snap of current US President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle is circulating social media with many people calling it "relationship goals".

First Lady Michelle Obama, 52, is seen in an image that will feature in an upcoming issue of Essence magazine alongside her husband President Barack Obama, 55.

In another Instagram photo posted by Essence magazine, in a snippet of their interview with the First Lady, she's quoted as saying: "I think when it comes to Black kids, it means something for them to have spent most of their life seeing the family in the White House look like them."

Many of the comments left on the image thanked the couple for proudly representing the black community as well as congratulating the president on his eight years of service to the country.


Instagram user @nanaruffin87 said: "Beautiful powerful couple thanking you both for bringing a much needed change to us, God Bless you! You will be missed."

@mcmullenmaxine said: "What a Truly Blessed and Awesome First Family we have! Even if a lot of people didn't like them. It has been Living History for so many people of colour! It let's our children know that yes they can have what they dream of being!"

While other users couldn't get over how great the couple were looking. "They are the sexiest couple the White House has ever seen," @mslovemebackjones said.

@asmith377 said: "Beautiful! Class & grace! Love."

The issue is out in the US on September 9.

The cover of October's Essence mag. Photo / Essence
The cover of October's Essence mag. Photo / Essence