Some people try get over a breakup by binge-eating ice cream or watching Julia Roberts movies on repeat.

But a Sydney bloke has ditched the usual tactics and in his grief-stricken state invited strangers to "profit off my heartbreak" by purchasing household items he used to share with his ex-girlfriend.

Daniel Khan took to the popular closed Sydney Facebook group Inner West Housemates on Wednesday night and offered up a long list of items for members to purchase.

"Come profit off my heartbreak! I'm moving and everything must go as it reminds me of her!" he wrote.


Each item comes with a brutally honest, but kind of depressing, description about how it was used by the former couple.

"King Ikea brusali bed we fought and smiled on: $125, 320L Samsung fridge we made Sunday pancakes from: $250, Large Ikea mirror shed put her makeup on $50."

Other items included a "sofa we cried on", an "outdoor set we spent our summer drinking on" and an "antique chest she was so proud of."

Some of the items ignited a bidding war, selling for at least four times the asking price, and all have been sold within less than 24 hours.

"Once I get rid of the stuff, it's over for me," Mr Khan told "I guess that was my only way to get some closure."

"We were together for about 1.5 years and we broke up about two months ago. She's a lovely person but I don't know ... it didn't work out," he said.

Mr Khan, who is half Swedish and half Bengali, moved to Australia five years ago to study. He quit his job yesterday and plans to travel around the country before heading overseas.

"I handed in my resignation, I sold everything and will go up and down the coast. I've never been so I'm going to sell my car and just buy a van," he said.

Mr Khan has been inundated with messages of support from total strangers, offering kind words of wisdom.

"Lots of people didn't even want to buy anything, they just sent me really long beautiful messages of support, even offering to meet up with me if I wanted," he said.

"I even got a few date requests, which completely surprised me. But I'm way too scarred for any of that."

Hang in there, mate.