Have you ever sent a text or an email to the wrong person and had that moment where you felt as though the air has been sucked from your lungs and you cannot breathe?

Imagine not only sending a text to the wrong person but to ''all'' - meaning everyone.
Reddit users have been sharing their worst "reply to all" stories and the results are awkward, embarrassing and have even led to people losing their jobs.

Redditer iStankonia replied to the question saying: "My former coworker hit reply all on an email about a golf scramble. He tried forwarding it to another guy talking about seeing one of the new interns in a short golfing skirt.

"Notice I said 'former' coworker... Also, my team won the golf scramble if that matters."


Another answered saying: "A woman sent a retirement announcement inadvertently to the entire, tens-of-thousands strong agency I work for. People were hitting reply to all to tell others not to reply to all.

"It went on for hours."

This is apparently a common occurrence when somebody sends a mass email.
Another contributor added: 'Work for a large banking company.

"An email was sent to everyone in the company that was actually intended for a small audience.

"One person replied to all saying "I don't think this was meant for me."

"Another person replies all saying 'Can you please take me out of the trail'."

"This continues for over 500+ emails, basically blogging up our whole network's mail server."

Salaries have been revealed, sexist blunders have been made and parents have been caught sexting. Photo / Getty Images
Salaries have been revealed, sexist blunders have been made and parents have been caught sexting. Photo / Getty Images

And of course there is always one who has to reply to everything.

WVAviator said: "A guy at work on a regular basis will reply to all department memos with something like 'OK' or 'Will do".

Fortunately, our managers aren't immune to the 'Reply to All' button either.

emby5 said: "HP manager sent an Excel workbook with some pertinent info on the first sheet to everyone, but failed to remove the fourth sheet which had everybody's salary."

Redditer TravelLove88 shared his story with the internet.

He said: "Was in a large government agency.

"Occasionally, the helpdesk or admin folks will send out a building-wide circular to announce something.

"My coworker thought he was replying to an email to me and said 'Yo, wanna get a burger king for lunch??'"

"Sure enough, many of the 10,000+ people who received that email never let him live it down..."

Missbbbb told her story: "A company wide email about the death of on our co-workers went out. Someone replied all. 'Congratulations!'''

Others that were just as painful to read includes one redditer saying "Hit me up if you need weed", not realising there were 35 people in the group message.

Another experienced something no child wants to have to go through:
"Once my dad and stepmom accidentally used a group message I was in to sext each other. Really, really uncomfortable situation."

Maybe worst of all, somebody once signed off a mass reply with "retards" instead of "regards".