Forget Tinder, if you're looking for a down-to-earth Kiwi bloke, NZ Farming's Facebook page is where it's at.

In what some might consider a bold move, 24-year-old Marcella Bakker got in touch with the Facebook page's administrators and asked them to share her image and story.

Marcella's post explains that she works on a dairy farm and is looking for "a nice farming guy" to partner up with. A "kind man" that has "respect for himself and women". And she shares that she loves the outdoors, hunting, fishing, and having "a good yarn".

Dear NZ Farming, I understand that you put up profiles of single NZ farmers looking for someone, I have had such...

Posted by NZ Farming on Monday, 5 September 2016

Posted yesterday afternoon, the response to the Waikato farm girl's call out has been impressive, with dozens of men tagged by their mates and declared matches for Marcella.


Some have also put themselves forward directly, one asking if she'd consider a farmer from Northland for a date.

Women have weighed in too, applauding the 24-year-old for putting herself out there while confessing that if Marcella can't find love, they fear there's little hope for them.

Another took up the opportunity to share her own story of heartbreak, revealing how she found new love with a farmer.

Angela Hall wrote: "I know what some of the guys I came across were like. My cheating husband walked out on me and I wasn't about to spend the rest of my life alone! Wow did I come across some sleaze buckets!!!! I am now happily with a hard working dairy farm manager. Cow s*** and all."

Marcella told NZHerald Focus the response to her post was "really overwhelming".

"I don't actually know how to respond to it. I don't actually know what I was wanting out of it, in a way. I really didn't think it would get the responses that it did."

Some of the comments on the post had been "really nice" while others were "rather vulgar".

Marcella said she put the post up because she was struggling to "get out there into the dating world", and saw Facebook as a way to show she was serious.


"I guess with my job, working on a farm, you don't really get a chance to go out."

Marcella said she was a "goal-driven person" who liked to work on self improvement.

She recently participated in a bodybuilding competition and her next goal was to become part of a speakers association.

She was looking for someone similar to her, who had ambitions, someone that was a gentleman, and was intellectual, but she was unsure if she'd find someone matching that criteria out of the responses she'd received.

"I think it was probably not the best place to advertise," she said, adding about 20 per cent of those responding seemed like "decent people that are actually looking".

"The rest are sort of just, like, trying to tag their friends sort of as a laugh."

She remained hopeful she could find someone.

"I hope that there's that person but I don't know if they'd comment on things like that."

Marcella said men had previously told her she was "intimidating" and it was difficult to approach her.

"Don't be afraid," she said.