News of Prince Harry's upcoming tour of the Caribbean has sent female fans into a frenzy on social media.

Kensington Palace announced yesterday on Instagram and Twitter that the 31-year-old royal would be visiting the region later this year on a whistle-stop tour including Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados, and Grenada.

The post, which clocked up 32,000 likes in a matter of hours, was inundated with comments from female fans - with some vowing to plan their holidays around the royal's tour itinerary.

Taking to Instagram, bethlynnhoskins wrote: "As I stated on Twitter my bags are packed & I'm ready to accompany him."


Fellow Harry enthusiast stacefacekiller tagged a friend, writing: "Shall we meet him out there?" while allysonmarek wrote: "Does he need a plus 1?"

Mlunda39 added: "Time for a vacation" and Lovelois2 wrote: "Must follow him to each and every island."

Others offered to be his holiday companion, asking to "hitch a ride", with Pipdoyle29 writing: "'If he needs a mate to go with him just let me know."

One enthusiastic Instagrammer, annabradders, wrote: "It's destiny!!!!!!! Better get wedding dress shopping!"


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While hannahlillyc told her friend: "Change of holiday plan - we're going to all of the above."

Some of the comments users left on the Kensington Royal Instagram announcement. Photo / Instagram
Some of the comments users left on the Kensington Royal Instagram announcement. Photo / Instagram

Other followers commented on the accompanying photograph of a bearded Harry, with valestatrumpet gushing: "Love Harry" and hayley.leah commenting: "Rugged manly Haz."

Dzamandzan joked: "I need some ginger ale" and chicavasquez said: "Bae looking good." Fellow fan beesyed wrote: "Find out the dates; I'll be there!"

Aoife_maria_mcevoy wrote: "Handsome Prince Harry has a lot to look forward to as always! SOunds like such a beautiful tour of duties, a little piece of paradise for you to enjoy. A x"

Scottnga commented: "I never dreamed he'd turn out more handsome than his brother but he did!" While Mshuezo1825 gushed: "Omg! Can i marry you!! #bluelove you are soooooooo handsome!"

Harry will also visit Guyana, St Kitts and Nevis, St Lucia, and St Vincent and the Grenadines on his seven-leg tour.

The royal has planned his trip to coincide with the 50th Anniversary of Independence for Barbados, the 50th Anniversary of Independence for Guyana, and the 35th Anniversary of Independence for Antigua and Barbuda.

The fifth in line to the throne visited Barbados in January 2010 when he met with locals and dignitaries, ate spicy food alongside Prince Seeiso of Lesotho, and famously danced the calypso on stage during a charity concert.