Orange, chocolate and kiwi are just some of the condom flavours available to couples looking to add a twist to their relationship.

And now the contraception giant Durex has announced the 'launch' of a rather unusual new flavour of the product.

The global company took to Twitter this morning revealing that their latest line of rubbers would be eggplant (aubergine) flavoured.

Tweeting an image of the new box they wrote: "#BreakingNews: We're launching an exciting new savoury #Condom range - Eggplant flavour!"


The idea of the savoury flavour takes inspiration from the aubergine emoji which is often used as an innuendo for male genitalia in text messages and tweets.

However, the company have since revealed that they have no plans to launch the condoms, and the tweet is part of a campaign to promote safe sex.

Although they eventually came clean about their intentions, plenty of Twitter users were fooled by the initial tweet taking to social media to share their reactions.

While some were overjoyed by the news many are yet to be convinced, taking to Twitter to voice their concerns.

Papa CJ warned the company that their wording could do with a rethink.

He tweeted: 'Maybe you should avoid using the words 'breaking' News if you're a condom brand. Might not be auspicious!'

Nishant Kaushik missed no opportunity to excercise a pun adding: "So as to avoid planting an egg".

And Emma joked: "brings a whole new meaning to a healthy sex life".

Josh Barrie was keen to find out more about the flavouring process: 'Need to know how Durex has cooked the aubergine. Hope it's charred over a griddle with Olive oil and lemon. Ok bye.'

However, despite causing an outcry on Twitter, everything was not as it seemed. Durex have since revealed they have no real plans to launch an aubergine flavoured condom.

The stunt was created in response to the fact that the company's appeal for a safe sex emoji was rejected by Unicode.

Ahead of World AIDS Day 2015, Durex launched the #CondomEmoji campaign which fired up passionate support across the internet, with people from over 140 countries voicing their support.

Although Durex will not be launching an aubergine flavoured condom they are hoping the hoax will continue to promote safe sex and continue to rally support for a condom emoji.

Volker Sydow, Global Director Durex, said: "The idea of an Eggplant condom coming from Durex is pretty absurd.

"But it is not as absurd as the fact that there is no emoji that enables young people to discuss safe sex easily in this language.

"We want to thank all the supporters of the condom emoji and assure everyone that we will continue to champion communication about safe sex in all forms".