Most new mothers dream of the day their little darlings will no longer need help going to the toilet.

But some mums simply can't let go of the need to ensure their children have cleaned up after themselves, a hilarious new Mumsnet thread has revealed - with some wiping their children's bottom up til the age of 12.

The Daily Mail reported that a discussion began when user Changedmymind again bemoaned their six-year-old's refusal to wipe his own bottom.

She said: "He wipes it in school, but refuses to do it at home insisting me or his dad does it. I've just refused and he's currently having a meltdown on the toilet.


"Am I being unreasonable to expect him to wipe it himself?"

At first many mothers sympathised. Hensintheskirting said: "Mine (nearly 6) was the same. Over the holidays I've played hardball and just told him to sort out his own bum.

"Playing is more fun than sitting on the toilet for ages waiting for someone to come and wipe your a***..."

And Elspeth Flashman agreed saying: "You are not being unreasonable. Recently I was in a friend's house and her hale and hearty seven-year-old roared at her from the downstairs loo 'MUUUUM! WIPE MY BUM!'

"It wasn't very edifying for anybody."

But then some mothers began to confess that they were guilty of wiping their older children's bottoms.

Mummyoflittledragon said: "I help DD (darling daughter) if it's a bit 'squadgy'. She's eight. It can become a habit if I'm not careful. I'm too soft, I know."

But it was user Javabeansaintgeorge who really provided the shocker.


She admitted: "I wipe all my kids, oldest is 12 and is c**p at the best of times. It would be cruelty leaving him dirty when he has an upset stomach."

But other Mumsnetters were up in arms. Jinkxmonsoon said: "Honestly, I'm shocked.

"Firstly that these 12-year-olds aren't utterly mortified at having their a**** wiped for them but also at how a 12-year-old with no special needs could be incapable of wiping themselves? It's not that difficult is it?"

Most children are expected to be fully toilet-trained, including wiping their own bottoms by the time they start primary school.