Blush should give the appearance of a natural, healthy glow. True, it can be tricky to master and many have fallen foul of the "cheeks aflame" effect, but done well, blush can work wonders. Pink and rose tones are good on pale skin, peach and apricots on medium skin, while terracotta and muted brick reds are perfect on dark complexions.

For dry skin, a cream blush is ideal, and powder applied with a fan or dome brush is a good option for normal skin. A gel is best on oily skin. Use a primer first if your face is blotchy or uneven.

1. YSL Kiss & Blush in Prune Impertinente, $76
2. Osmosis Colour Blush in Crushed Coral, $68
3. Body Shop Fresh Sorbet Blush in Lychee Blossom, $39.50

For rosy cheeks: smile! This will push up the "apples" of your cheeks. Apply to the area directly below your pupil (about two finger-widths from the side of your nose) and blend softly out towards the ear. Make sure to keep the blush away from your laugh lines.


To accentuate cheekbones: start at the tragus (the small, pointy bit on your ear) and apply a softened line only to the beginning of your "apple".

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Trilogy Eye Contour Cream, $52

Expect good things from this eye cream, it's formulated with botanical oils including carrot, avocado and jojoba to encourage skin repair and renewal, and help soften and smooth lines. And let's face it, who doesn't need more of that?

Kevin Murphy RE.STORE, $70

Designed for weekly use in place of a shampoo and conditioner, this nourishing botanical treatment is one of a trio of repair products. It's packed with papaya enzymes, pineapple and green pea proteins. We give it five stars.

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"Take 15 minutes as soon as you get up to tone. I start the day with 50-80 sit-ups, 30 squats and 30 push-ups. It doesn't take long, but it's enough to keep the muscles toned and energise you for the rest of the day."