Thousands of people took part in the Clean For The Queen campaign to celebrate Her Majesty's 90th birthday earlier this year.

But one jobseeker is about to be regularly scrubbing, polishing and dusting for Her Majesty on a regular basis - with the perk of being able to live in the most famous house in Britain: Buckingham Palace.

The Queen is advertising for a new housekeeping assistant to work in her London residence.

The new assistant will be expected to "clean and care for interiors and items from carpets and furniture to historic vases and irreplaceable paintings."


The advertisement posted on the royal household website asks for someone who "takes care and pride in their work" as well as having "excellent communication skills" and "good time management skills".

And it warns: "This is no standard housekeeping role. You'll work, and live, in stunning historic settings, ensuring that they're presented to their best for colleagues, guests and, of course, the royal family."

However, it makes no mention of salary, instead using the usual corporate term of "competitive".

In 2014, a similar position was advertised with a rather low salary of £14,000 (ND$25,000) per annum.

However, many would argue that given all living and food expenses are included within the job, this salary is very reasonable.

The full-time role includes a pension scheme and 33 days a year holiday.

More than 800 staff members currently work at Buckingham Palace, with many living-in.