After a few stops around Asia, this week we encounter something a bit different, as we head to Los Angeles.

The food in this city is a melting pot of international flavours and when they say everything is big in the USA they aren't kidding. Everything is supersized, from the food to the shopping malls . . . even the cars are extra big in the US.

Our top tips for visiting LA are to make sure you check out some of the amazing food trucks they have, where you can find a variety of cheap and delicious options.

One of our highlights was staying in the middle of Venice Beach and listening to the street band playing late in to the night. The shopping in LA is great too, and the large strip malls are a perfect way to enjoy the warm Californian weather and pick up a few treats to take home.


This trend-setting city has started many a movement and we found that at the moment, nothing is more prevalent then the popularity of vegan, organic and vege-heavy restaurants and cafes that seem to be ubiquitous in LA. This meant we had our fair share of green smoothies on our trip . . . and we are feeling much better for it.

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