An Australian woman is under fire over a controversial picture she posted to social media.

The post, made on commentator Constance Hall's public Facebook page, shows the West Australian mother's young son dressed as his favourite football player, Nic Naituanui of the West Coast Eagles.

The problem? She unapologetically painted his skin with head-to-toe brain paint.

She described it as a "QUEENING moment", said she was worried about "politically correct extremists" but added: "I grew a set of balls and painted my boy brown and he looked fanf***ingtastic".


The original post has since been taken down but screen shots have circulated on social media.

Today a mum posted onto my visitors posts. She shared a photo of her son dressed up as his idol Eagles player Nic...

Posted by Constance Hall on Thursday, 25 August 2016

Last night, Adam Briggs, an Indigenous rapper, comedian and actor, slammed the woman in a Facebook post about blackface.

He described it as an "obviously reckless, racist thing to do", said he "thought it was a set up", and went on to invalidate a series of common arguments that support blackface.

Again and again. This is the attitude we face every moment. This was such an obviously reckless, racist thing to do - I...

Posted by Briggs on Thursday, 25 August 2016