The school summer holidays can be a testing time for both parents and children, as they try to get used to spending much more time together.

But the mother and father of a teenager in Essex have resorted to issuing their daughter with a "rap sheet" of all the things she has done wrong in a bid to calm tensions in the house.

The list, with which other parents will sympathise, includes complaints about constantly taking photos, always being on the phone and failing to say hello.

The 15-year-old immediately posted the letter online and it has now been shared more than 9,000 times.


Marianne said: 'They drive you mad, don't they? I'm sure there will be parents out there who see this and have been tempted to do the same.

"The kids are back to school soon thankfully."

Nicola said: "I was just sitting eating ice cream when I got the text and I came downstairs and saw my mum sitting at the table and she handed me letter and said 'I hope you have learned your lesson."

"I just laughed because I thought it was a bit extreme and I thought it would make a good post online.

"But it has gone a bit mad since then and I've had to turn notifications off on my phone because every time I picked my phone up I was getting hundreds of notifications."

She added: "Even though it was a bit over the top, I have been winding her up this week because a lot of my friends have been away so I have been around the house.

"But I am not going to change my ways, although I expect I'll probably be getting another letter."