Have you ever woken up after a night of drinking and had that horrible sinking feeling when you remember what you did - or who you texted - the night before?

Those muddled, often embarrassing, thoughts of ours are suddenly in the inboxes of our exes, friends and family - and there is nothing we can do about it but face the music.

Reddit users have been sharing the worst drunk texts they've ever sent and the results are both mortifying and hilarious.

Reddit user D_rotic sent a text, which he believed was to his friend, saying: "My dad's totally gonna know I'm drunk and high."


Unfortunately for him, he quickly got a response from his dad, reading: 'I do now, you dumb ass."

Croseh admitted he drunkenly sent his mother several naked photos but fortunately, and surprisingly, "she was cool about it".

Drunk at a friends party, user Awais found a phone on the floor and decided to take a picture of his privates and send it to the person's mother.

It was only when he he sobered up, however, that he realised the phone he had found was in fact his own.

He also had a response from his mother, asking: "Why did you send me a picture of your d**k?"

Making an innocent mistake, user GrizzlyLauren sent the drunk text: "Dude, are you still alive? Where the f**k are you?' at 2am.

It was meant for her brother.

She texted her teacher.

A more lighthearted drunk text than some of the others, exobmb texted his mum slurred lyrics to Lionel Ritchie's classic song Hello.

BoredsohereIam is, by their own admission, not much of a drunk texter but he was on the receiving end of a mortifying text.

He got a message saying "Come to bed sexy" which was "spelled crazy with extra spaces" from his dad.

He then remembered that both his and his mother's names start with the letter 'M'.

Reddit commenter reammachine sent a drunken text to everyone in his phonebook.

They sent a mass text saying "Where are you?" at 2.30am.

The next morning, they woke up to a lot of texts and - whilst attempting to figure out how it had happened - accidentally sent the message to everybody all over again.

Diabetesh couldn't have sent a more embarrassing drunk text.

He sent a photograph of his pubic hair to his ex-wife's mother.

He admits, it was "a nice way to break the silence" six years after the divorce.
'These are my pubes, how are you?'

We've all dreaded sending the wrong text to our boss or co-worker, and Reddit user Taizek did just that.

Intending it for his girlfriend, he sent the message: "I just want to be your perfect man :)"

However, he had in fact sent it to his boss of just two weeks.

To make matters worse, he didn't realise his mistake until he woke up the next morning and found the response: "Sorry, Taizek. But the only perfect man for me is Liam Neeson."
Carrotcakejack's drunk text took a dark, and bizarre, turn.

He said he had admitted to killing "a friend's cat with Anti-Freeze."

Despite the fact he claims he wasn't the true culprit, it looks as though his friend didn't believe him.

"Needless to say we are not friends anymore," he concludes his post.

Another drunk texter, tryagain420, sent a picture of himself naked covered in chicken nuggets.

The user, incredibly, said: "It seemed like a good idea at the time."

AGoddamnDelight says they texted a guy who was crazy in love with them saying "I love you so much y'know."

They didn't, in fact, love them but didn't have the heart to tell them it was a drunken mistake: the user now has a boyfriend.

Taking on the role of Batman, Cdbwater texted somebody saying "I need to save Gotham." They blamed it on the rum they were drinking.

After being ghosted by a guy, Keeganamo decided to make him feel bad by sending him a screenshot of themselves listening to Trouble by Taylor Swift. We doubt he replied.