Maybe she woke up like this?

Victoria Beckham has revealed the secrets of her morning beauty routine in a video for Vogue ... but viewers have been left confused about why Posh starts with a full face of make-up already on.

The British fashion designer, 42, will unveil a make-up collaboration with Estee Lauder next month, featuring cosmetics inspired by cities around the world.

She starts the video - titled Five-Minute Face - with her hair wrapped in a white towel and wearing a pair of oversized sunglasses, speaking on the phone: "I will be there in five minutes, I've just got to quickly put some eyes on and do a lip and I will be there".


Posh faces the mirror, saying her first step is to "spice up my eye".

"So I'm creating the London look, which is a smoky, dark, quite sexy eye and what I like with dark eyes is to go paler with the lip," she says in the video.

As she applies illuminating cream, Posh tells the camera: "It hydrates, moisturises and tightens; who doesn't love that?"

But viewers were left baffled about why Posh's morning make-up routine didn't show her applying all the other make-up she obviously had on.

They took to Vogue's YouTube channel to express confusion over the video.

Clare wrote, "This is absurd. She's wearing loads of make-up before she even starts", while another viewer noted "she's got concealer, foundation and contour on already".

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Speaking to Vogue about her limited edition make-up line with Estee Lauder, Beckham said: "If I can do it as a busy working mum with four children, anybody can.

"You don't have to be a professional make-up artist. This doesn't have to take up huge amounts of time," she said.

Victoria Beckham for Estee Lauder is due to launch in September.

Beckham will unveil the collection at her New York Fashion Week runway show, where models will sport her cosmetics line.

"I was very specific about what I wanted. It was about the must-have items that I felt everybody should have in their make-up bag, things that are really quite difficult to find because I know, I've searched," Beckham told Women's Wear Daily.