If we had it our way, our pets would never get injured. But owning a dog can be like looking after an accident-prone child sometimes, and often a few brushes with danger are inevitable. If your dog has recently been sick, had an accident or is recovering from surgery (and is supposed to be resting), here are a few low-impact ways to keep their tails wagging.

Make mealtimes special

With walking out of the question for many recovering dogs, it's important to ensure they still have something to look forward to every day. All dogs love mealtime - make it that extra bit special by giving them their favourite treat.

Show them some extra love


When high levels of activity aren't a possibility, you can always fill in that void with a little bit of extra love. Keep your dog close and let them keep you company while you're doing anything low-stress, like reading, watching TV and just hanging out at home.

Throw them a bone

A raw bone is not only a great treat but can keep your dog busy for hours. Alternatively, get them a different kind of long-duration, natural chewy product that'll distract them from their recovery for just that little bit longer.

Teach them a new trick

There are plenty of low-impact games you can play with a dog who isn't supposed to be indulging in high levels of activity. In fact, it can be a great time to teach your dog a new trick! If they haven't mastered it already, teach your dog to pick up objects on cue ('Take It' is a common command for this action) or to 'Give' you something you want them to let go of. It can take a bit of practice to get right, but what better time to try than when they're house-bound and looking for entertainment?

Pamper your pup

We've all seen the video of that lucky puppy getting a massage. It's not for all dogs, but hey - there's no time like the present! Maybe a massage is just what your recovering pup needs. (Just don't let them get too used to it!)