Editor Michelle Hurley takes us through some of the highlights in tomorrow's Canvas magazine.

We hear so much about Millennials these days that it's easy to forget there is another generation snapping at its toes, the prosaically named Generation Z.

It's impossible to sum up a generation with a few pithy characteristics — and, in fact, what Greg Bruce found when he went looking was that many of the traits that this generation (roughly spanning from the mid-1990s to the mid-2000s) have are the same ones that many of us from other generations will identify with: anxiety and depression seem to have clamped their grip on every generation from Gen X down.

But among all that, Greg talked to some teens from Hobsonville Point High School and discovered some ridiculously bright, engaged and altruistic souls. God knows I wasn't nearly as evolved at 15 as these kids are.

Also this week, Annabel Langbein writes about one of her mentors, Daniele Mazet-Delpeuch, a Frenchwoman who used to cook for Francois Mitterrand when he was President. Funnily enough, it wasn't all truffles and foie gras, in fact more the opposite, with a focus on wringing every last bit of use from the ingredients on hand. Annabel's recipes this week are a salute to her thriftiness.


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