Despite his horrific start to life, Cola is getting the fresh start he deserves.

At nine months old, Cola was being a usual mischievous pup and managed to escape out of his Bangkok home and explore a neighbour's property. Here he found a pair of shoes and began doing what puppies do best - chewing through them.

Unfortunately this innocent play cost Cola his two front legs, as an angry neighbour severed both off with a sword as punishment.

After the ghastly incident was reported to Asia's largest animal welfare group, Soi Dog Foundation came to Cola's rescue.


After losing a lot of blood, Cola was taken to a specialist hospital, where he slowly began recovering.

And get the tissue box ready ...

Cola has now been fitted with a pair of prosthetic legs!

This video posted to Soi Dog Foundation's Facebook of Cola learning to walk again has been viewed over seven million times.

After having his two front legs hacked off with a sword, Cola shows the world he can rock prosthetics! Please join the Emergency Response Team today so that other dogs like Cola can be given the lives they deserve. Click here -> to join now.

Posted by Soi Dog Foundation on Tuesday, 26 July 2016

It has melted hearts all over the world with hundreds of people offering to adopt the adorable pup. But despite these generous offers, Cola has already found a new loving home with Soi Dog Foundation co-founder John Dalley and his wife Gill, who happens to be a double-amputee herself.

Mr and Mrs Dalley have been living in Thailand for the past 13 years, where they originally planned to retire but instead set up the Soi Dog Foundation - helping to home abandoned and suffering dogs and cats of Asia.

Thanks to the Dalleys and the Soi Dog Foundation, Cola is now one happy camper.

And as for the angry neighbour responsible Cola's horrific incident, the man said the attack was an accident and was issued one month's detention for the crime.

WANT TO SEE SOMETHING JOYOUS? After having his front legs hacked off with a sword for chewing a pair of shoes, Cola showed the world he was a survivor. Watch Cola now using his new prosthetic legs during a walk on the beach with Soi Dog co-founder Gill! To read Cola's story in full, and see the moment he first showed us he was a fighter, visit

Posted by Soi Dog Foundation on Friday, 5 August 2016