A little girl who had to have part of her head shaved for a brain tumour to be removed has been cheered up by a heartwarming gesture from her mum.

Posted to Facebook page Love What Matters, Faith May and her mum Jamie Dawn Beckstead sport matching patches of missing hair with a message that reads: "Every superhero has a side kick who picks them up, dusts them off and makes them feel stronger than ever."

Faith underwent surgery to have a cancerous tumour removed which was pushing on her pituitary gland and damaging her optic nerve.

She was upset to learn she would be left with a bald strip next to her stitches. So in "true sidekick fashion" her mother went home during a shift swap and returned with a matching shaved head.


"This is Faith May, my superhero!!! Faith just had surgery to remove a brain tumor that was pushing on her optic nerve...

Posted by Love What Matters on Wednesday, 27 July 2016

The post has been liked 13,000 times and received over 600 comments including messages from cancer survivors who lost their hair in order to undergo similar surgery.

Faith's mum responded by posting: "I am Faiths mommy and can't thank you all enough. I am beyond humbled and grateful to every single person here praying and sending well wishes. May God bless each one of you for your kindness."