Editor Michelle Hurley takes us through some of the highlights in tomorrow's Canvas magazine.

Our cover story this week looks at those who've regretted divorcing. In it, clinical psychologist Trish Purnell-Webb, the founder of the Relationship Institute, has a surprising estimate: she reckons nine out of the 10 couples she sees could go on to have a successful relationship, providing they get the skills they need to overcome any issues.

That's a much lower potential break-up rate than the roughly one third of marriages in New Zealand that end up in divorce, if only we'd get some help. (But of course, not every couple wants to put in the work, and let's face it, some people are just jerks.)

Still, it makes me think of that line in When Harry Met Sally, when after listening to Sally bang on about the state of her love life, her friend Marie (the late, great, Nora Ephron), gets off the phone and turns to her husband and says: "Tell me I'll never have to be out there again." He turns to her and says: "You will never have to be out there again." Never a more romantic word spoken, if you ask me.

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