It may be an image you've dreamt of recreating for years, or a phrase that has become your mantra, but as these tattoos prove, it always pays to get a second opinion - and a spell check - before you go under the needle.

While it's hard to believe some of the inkings are real, a g-string tattooed on a man's lower back and crooked permanent eyebrows are legitimate examples of tattoos gone horribly wrong.

From unintentionally phallic images to awkward spelling mistakes, here are some of the worst tattoos to grace people's skin, and the internet.

Famous faces

For some, a detailed photo of their favourite celebrity wasn't enough of a reference for the tattoo artist. It was also a lesson in what happens when you attempt to replicate a black and white image on skin.


Man wakes up with Ray bans tattooed on his face
Miley Cyrus new tattoo is a jar of Vegemite

A puzzling image

For one person who likely thought their puzzle pieces were a clever arrangement, all it took was a comment online to destroy their beloved ink.

Best intentions

While some go for intentionally rude body art, others just want their favourite animal on their skin. But as one flamingo fan discovered, even the most conservative of subjects can wind up looking phallic.

Cosmetic mishap

Tattooing is no longer just a form of expression, the technique is also employed for cosmetic purposes with people having their eyeliner, lips or eyebrows permanently drawn on to their face.

But for this woman, she may have been better off doing it herself every day rather than entrusting a tattoo artist to pen permanent eyebrows for her.

Spelling errors

Choosing a few simple words sounds like a comparatively safe option, right? As these tattoos prove, it's far too easy to get a phrase or short sentence wrong.

Nipples for eyes

Beyond what seem to be genuine mistakes, there are also plenty of clearly intentionally bad tattoos.

Amid the typos, poor tattoo work and accidentally rude images, a deliberate trend seems to be using other body parts within the design such as nipples, belly buttons and piercings.