Dads across the country wanting to up their parenting game need look no further than the latest video from Kiwi YouTube sensation "How To Dad".

From learning how to blow on a pie, to throwing a gumboot and sprinting in jandals, How to Dad creator Jordan Watson shares some top things to teach a Kiwi kid before they turn two.

How to throw a gumboot is the first skill Watson demonstrates to his daughter Alba, who runs away when offered a small red gumboot to throw.

Next up, Watson has his daughter on a boat, secured into a life jacket, to teach her how to fish.

Little Alba doesn't seem to be a fan of fishing. Photo / YouTube, How to Dad
Little Alba doesn't seem to be a fan of fishing. Photo / YouTube, How to Dad

But when he hands her the rod and tells her to wind in the line, she immediately drops it into the water.

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The pair also attempt to catch a pigeon with a box, a stick and a piece of string in what Watson describes as a lesson in hunting.

While they're not exactly successful, they don't go hungry: the next lesson is how to blow on a pie.

"Always blow on the pie", Watson tells Alba as the pair sit on a park bench eating a pie each.

Rugby skills are also attempted along with how to ride a motorbike, run in jandals and jump sand dunes, which sees Watson disappear down a sandy drop with a muffled yell.

Alba looks bewildered as she is taught "How to build stuff" and "Car stuff" and takes little interest in a reading lesson where "Sweet as Bro", "Lorde", and "Lorde of the Rings" are presented to her on a small blackboard.

Watson's final tip for the Kiwi dad is to teach their child how to cannonball: As Alba sits in a highchair at the end of a wharf, her dad leaps into the water, hitting the surface with an impressive splash.

The video is the latest from the daddy blogger in his "How to Dad" series and is currently the "5th hottest" video on Reddit Worldwide.

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