Gordon Ramsay has won a battle with neighbours over plans to demolish his £4.4 million holiday home and replace it with two others.

Villagers in one of Cornwall's most exclusive seaside destinations had hit out at the celebrity chef's plans to build a large garden house in the grounds of his property.

Hell's Kitchen star Ramsay , 49, bought the detached property in the picturesque village of Rock, Cornwall, last year.

And despite spending £4.4million on the property, he submitted an application to tear it down and replace it with a state-of-the-art home - while also building a separate house at the bottom of the garden.


Planning chiefs at Cornwall Council gave the proposals the green light yesterday despite receiving 15 objections from residents living nearby.

Locals were angered by the garden house element of the plans. They said it would obscure the sea views they currently enjoy and fear it could set a 'dangerous precedent' in the area of outstanding natural beauty where the average house costs £800,000.

Situated at the bottom of the garden, the building will have three bedrooms, a boat store, car port and large open-plan kitchen and living room.

In a letter of objection to the council, Drummond Forbes said it will spoil the view from the beach.

He wrote: 'I am disappointed to see yet another Rock House demolished and rebuilt but given that that is the way for Rock - it is difficult to object.

'However, I do have concerns about the 'Guest Annex'. This is more an additional house rather than an annex. I think this presents a dangerous precedent.

'It is an overdevelopment of the site. It is also brings a residential building close to the lines of sight from Porthilly Beach.

'Looking up from the beach presently, the wooded site provides welcome cover for the buildings. This overdevelopment will spoil that valued view.

'I am concerned that the annex will actually be built up above the current land level so making it even more obvious.'

Fellow resident Charles Lucas added: 'I wish to object to this application as this is clearly an intensification of use by replacing a single dwelling with two dwellings.

'The 'guest annex' or 'boat house' as it was described in the pre-app, is a blatant attempt to move the building line closer to the sea and build a second house out of the ground whilst pretending it is submerged by raising the ground level around it and burying the new dwelling.

'This would clearly set an undesirable precedent for new dwellings in such close proximity to the estuary, providing a new tier of development on a building line in close proximity to the shore.

'This would have detrimental visual implications as well as potential to affect ground stability along this coastal area.'

Ramsay's main home will have five bedrooms, two kitchens, a swimming pool and three terraces overlooking the stunning Cornish coast.

The lavish design also includes plans for a wine cellar, and ensuites for each bedroom, which will provide plenty of space for his four children, Megan, 17, twins Jack and Holly, 15, and 13-year-old Matilda.

Last month, a spokesman for Ramsay said: 'Gordon, Tana and the whole Ramsay family are very much looking forward to spending time in their new home in Cornwall.

'They are committed to contributing to, and delighted to be investing in, the future of the Cornish community they will hopefully be a part of for many happy years to come.'