The most popular baby names of 2016 have been revealed, with one in particular raising eyebrows.

According to naming site Nameberry, among the common favourites such as Olivia and Charlotte, which ranked the most bestowed and most viewed last year, the name Aryan has seen a dramatic rise in popularity.

The name has jumped 49 places in the most-viewed rankings, to sit at number 697.

While Aryan is reportedly "Indo-Iranian" in origin and means "warrior or honourable", most would associate it with the "Aryan race", a concept used to justify racism and supremecism.


Other unusual names making the top 100 include Anouk, Cecilia, Freya, and Ophelia for girls and Hugo, and Lucian for boys.

Sadie has also seen a swift rise in popularity, climbing 48 spots. Astrid, Elise, Isabella, and Thea have also jumped more than 30 spots.

The top 10

Girls names most viewed on Nameberry so far this year are:

1. Olivia
2. Amelia
3. Charlotte
4. Ava
5. Isla
6. Arabella
7. Aurora
8. Adeline
9. Isabella
10. Mia

The most popular boys names according to Nameberry

1. Ezra
2. Asher
3. Atticus
4. Declan
5. Oliver
6. Milo
7. Silas
8. Levi
9. Wyatt
10. Henry