Editor Michelle Hurley takes us through some of the highlights in tomorrow's Canvas magazine.

This week we're featuring the work of the New Zealand Herald's chief photographer, Brett Phibbs, and his extraordinary photographs of five of our Olympic athletes who will be heading to Rio shortly: Black Sticks goalkeeper Devon Manchester, K4 women's kayaker Caitlin Ryan, Football Fern Annalie Longo, Sevens rugby player Portia Woodman and shot putter Jacko Gill.

Phibbs says Olympic athletes are a pleasure to photograph, always eager to get the best possible image. Still, he adds, shooting an athlete in a studio comes with added challenges.

"I had a funny moment with New Zealand women's soccer player Annalie Longo. She wanted to do a jumping volley kick, so we had cushions on the studio floor, to break her fall. After the shoot, I was filming her doing the kick for her Instagram page, when she jumped, struck the volley in mid-air, and sent it straight into my nether regions, knocking the wind out of me, all caught on camera."

Whatever it takes, Brett, whatever it takes.


Also in Canvas tomorrow: Megan Nicol Reed questions whether Aucklanders are ruder than ever in her column this week and Annabel Langbein has a delicious guilt-free mayonnaise recipe to share.