You'll never find it on a bottle of Coke and you have to say it at least twice when you introduce yourself. These are the joys of being bestowed a quirky name.

Using the hashtag #growingupwithmyname, thousands of people (namely, all the Munifs, Jaxsons, Wolfgreys and Xanadus of the world) have taken to Twitter to explain why they wish their parents had just gone with something in the realm of Sarah or John.

From playground taunts to confusion over whether the bearer of the name is pronouncing it correctly, here's what it's like growing up with a tricky name.

For many, teachers stumbling over their name at morning roll call was to be expected. Or mocked, as was the case for "Dimon".


And for parents considering naming their child after a favourite brand, take a moment to consider the potential outcome:

But parents shouldn't always be blamed. How were they to know the name they chose would be similar to that of a popular song? Or that their daughter would meet someone like this person:

Notorious for misspelled names on coffee cups at the best of times, a trip to Starbucks is almost certain to result in a new take on even the simplest of names, as Sid discovered:

While you may be concerned you're not pronouncing someone's name correctly, it turns out they're likely just as bothered as you are:

Of course, even with a seemingly common name such as Erica, there's the potential for someone to get it wrong:

And, lets not forget the disappointment of eagerly searching through displays of name mugs and keyrings as a child, only to remember your name is never included: