A man may have landed himself in hot water after filling out a spousal performance review for his wife, based on her personality traits and household duties.

Reddit user Wolpfack shared the extensive form, in the style of a career development review, rating her qualities from 'excellent' to 'poor', in a post that has attracted hundreds of comments.

"She said we need to run our house more like a business," he explained.

His assessment - which appears to have been unsolicited - rated her on 16 points including honesty, enthusiasm, meals, dependency and communication skills.


She scored highly in meals and 'overall spousal relations', achieving a score of 'excellent'.

His wife was also rated as good in productivity, work quality, work consistency, attitude and overall spousal relations.

However, when it came to entertainment choices, initiative and dependability, Wolpfack's wife failed to impress; and her performance was rated as 'poor' in technical skills, cooperation and punctuality.

He dated the review as June 22, leaving space at the bottom for a 2017 'performance improvement plan'.

But while Wolpfack may have prompted a few laughs, fellow Reddit users warned his prank might end up spelling the end of his marriage.

Julesk wrote: "Though I find this funny, something tells me you both are going to be in a major fight soon," while SnareBears said: "Do you want to be single? Because this is how you become single."

Another commented: "Enjoy sleeping on that couch," with one adding: "Overall Quality Spousal Relations may soon be switching to Fair."

CPqarray joked: "A lot of businesses are outsourcing these days, don't be surprised if you come home and find out your spousal relations have been farmed out to a call centre in India."


However, the feedback wasn't all negative, with Lutiana writing: "Well the review process for employees, when done right, is all about helping them improve in all areas. So it actually makes sense that it could help a relationship if done right."

They added: "That said, most employers I've worked for use them for either telling people they are crap at what they do, or patting themselves on the back for hiring a good worker."

Another Reddit user wrote: "I was messing with my fiancee like this awhile back, she is a manager and has reviews every so often with her employees, so we started joking about doing that to each other.

"It actually did help me out a little bit, we picked back up some of the smaller things we used to do for each other. Back rubs, flowers, and such. A joke turned into a pretty good communication."