For the past 28 years, dogs from around the globe compete for the title of the World's Ugliest Dog and this year a blind Chihuahua-Chinese Crested mix took home the win for the unusual contest in California.

Jason Wurtz's dog named SweePee Rambo won the competition that aims to show the inner beauty of dogs that aren't aesthetically attractive for 2016 on Friday at the Sonoma-Marin County Fair in Petaluma.

SweePee, who has a blonde Mohawk, is blind in both eyes as her right is the color blue.
The four-pound female dog has lived with her owner Jason for the past 17 years in Encino, California.

As a prize for taking home the title, the pooch who wears doggie depends because of old age, received a trophy and $1,500.


Wurtz told ABC News that SweePee was a gift to his ex-wife, but he took full ownership of her after they divorced because she though the canine was ugly.

This isn't the first time she competed in the competition. Wurtz said she has been in it three times in the past, but this is her first time winning top honours.

The runner-up and third-place winner of the competition also receive cash awards and special titles.

Each year since its inception, the contest looks to celebrate the 'homely hounds and the humans who love them.'

'We're proud to celebrate all dogs and pets by showing that no matter their imperfections, they are adoptable, lovable and a great add to any family,' said Erin Post, CEO of the Sonoma-Marin Fair, in a statement prior to the contest.

The event this year included a Fashion Faux Paws Fashion Show and a Beauty and the Beast Walk that featured Miss Sonoma County court walking rescue dogs that were available for adoption down the catwalk.

Prior to the contest, Himisaboo became Internet famous after many, including his owners, compared the unique mop on his head to Republican Donald Trump's infamous hair.

Karen Spencer, marketing director for the event, said: 'The dogs love it, they get so much attention, get petted, treats and are told how cute they are.

'Some have unusual teeth, unusual hair, sometimes they are bulldogs who always look silly due to their bottom teeth, there's always a real variety.

'Despite being in an ugly dog competition so many people tell them 'you're so ugly you're cute', it's all about their inner beauty.

'We really work hard to show the world that dogs who have deformities or unusual characteristics are still very lovable and adoptable.

'They're still beautiful inside and often they are the dogs who struggle to find homes from dog shelters.

'The judges look at the dogs, they look at their appearance but also at how the dog interacts with others and what kind of personality they have.

'Most owners of our contestants tell us they picked a dog that have been left in a shelter for a long period of time and because nobody wanted to adopt them.'

Last year, Quasi Modo, a short-spined dog from Loxahatcheee, Florida took home the coveted title.

The dog who looks like a hyena to some beat out 26 other dogs to win the contest.