How to generate social media attention.

Step one, get two really good looking people, step two, put them in a Facebook post, and three mention they're cops.

Cue social media love.

Essex Police baked the perfect winning combination when a post of two of its young and very good looking officers was posted onto its Facebook page.


But not even the force could bank on exactly how much attention its two officers Sergeant Kayleigh Webster and Police Constable Daryl Jones would receive.

The photo of the officers, pictured in their car in Southend on Sunday, has already attracted hundreds of likes, and plenty of media attention, with many commenting how good looking they are.

The post read: "Sergeant Kayleigh Webster and Pc Daryl Jones took time out before a routine patrol to promote #saferdriving with this #seatbeltselfie in #Southend this afternoon."

The force, which wanted to draw attention to its safe driving campaign, chose the pair in a sure fire winner to attract attention.

And the post certainly attracted that along with a raft of adoring comments as well.

Emjs Goodson posted: "Are you sure they are coppers They both look like models. :-)"

Ryan Berridge wrote: "Phwoooooar! Two very good looking coppers right there!" while Rodrigo Munoz Orizola said: "I'm driving without license pliisss arrest me Kayleigh"

There were also plenty of arrest jokes from those who said they would be happy for the officers to take their details.

Kirsty Louise Bell posted: "Wouldn't mind getting arrested by him" while Melanie Grice explained her feelings by posting: "I'm going out to get arrested tonight."

The police officers also attracted attention on Twitter.

Sergeant Webster later tweeted she has been surprised by all the attention and she was pleased more awareness was being raised for safer driving.

The pair only joined Twitter this month and have already gained more than 400 followers each.